Review of the Squad Part Two

Welcome to the second edition of my review of the squad this season, This one will include midfielders and wingers. Enjoy! 


Jon Toral- In the first few games he struggled to settle in and look any good under Warburton, However in recent performances in midfield and even defence under Caixinha he looks a tidy player with neat passes and good vision. Although he may be on loan from a big club like Arsenal, I don’t think he will make much of an impact at Arsenal in the near future. He is a English championship player at best. His loan is obviously up in the summer so we will just let him go in my opinion as we need to look at different players instead of loanees. 

Emerson Hyndman- Another January loanee signing by Mark Waburton, Emerson showed his quality right from the start with excellent technique for a pass and loves an assist plus can chip in with a goal or two every now and then. I’d love to keep him but word on the street is he is expensive. 

Jason Holt- Had a underperforming season with Warburton and was not the same Jason Holt compared to last season. But things quickly changed under Caixinha with an excellent work rate, work ethic and fantastic tackles from a man who is about 5 foot. Excellent player, well worth keeping. 

Andy Halliday- A Ranger at heart, god loves a trier but it just hasn’t worked out for him this season and has struggled in the side, maybe it’s time for him to move on. 

Matt Crooks- He’s an excellent player a lot different to the rest of the centre mids we have but some odd reason, Warburton just loaned him out to Scunthorpe who there has been impressive with a couple of goals. He may stand a chance under Caixinha in the rebuilding this season. 

Niko Kranjcar- Showed how good he can be three games just before a serious injury ruled him out for the season, if he is prepared to work hard and get that form back then I’d keep him as he is a top player throughout his whole career. 

Jordan Rossiter- Gutted for the lad as he has struggled with the mystery injury up until when Warburton left we only found out what was really going on. I’m still unsure if he has a football career let alone a Rangers career hopefully this hasn’t damaged the lads career. 


Barrie McKay- Fantastic player when he wants to be but too inconsistent and understandably criticised recently as he has underperformed. I’d give him another chance but whose to say he could mess up again. He’s still young and rough round the edges an might need a motivater for him as he needs to liven up. 

Michael O’Halloran- Waste of £500,000 transfer fee as well as a wage. Hasn’t impressed me at all, time to cut our losses with him and say goodbye. 

Joe Dodoo- Has finally got some game time and has showed what I’ve been saying for a while, That he is a top footballer and just a raw talent with the biggest potential in the team currently. I really do think he will become a key player under Caixinha. 

Harry Forrester- Good player, just not played just like Dodoo has been given a chance Harry needs one as well an who knows might show the promise that we have seen glimpses of. 

Josh Windass- There was so much hope and hype (Mainly from his Dad) but the only good thing to come from him is not a bad chant. Time will tell but I don’t think there’s much promise with him. 


The Scottish Game

This blog is mainly based on my opinion of the game that currently is in disarray in Scotland and what needs to be done in my view. 

The Scottish game as it is watched today is a mess, even more than a mess. There is so many problems with the game that this blog could actually be a very long read, But it needs to be said by an ‘ outsider ‘ I’m a Englishman who is concerned by the lack of income, the lack of talent and the lack of knowledge in the game to develop the game to the next level. 

Scotland national team firstly is underperforming and there is a good reason for that which based around the elements of not much talent with in Scotland and knowledge in the current set up, Strachan has taken Scotland as far as he has taken them, he’s now a dinosaur, Scotland needs new energy and new ideas not just in the management and coaching department but also at the top of the game the likes of Lawwell, Regan, Doncaster and the rest of board are a disgrace. Questions need to be asked to them and they need to be answered. In my view these people are responsible for the mess the Scottish game is in, there’s not much money coming in to the junior football let alone the top flight, why is no one bothered to be upfront about to them. 

This is a massive concern that needs sorting as soon as possible, Scotland are struggling national wise, teams are not performing well or even get to the next stage of Europe. Why is there not been any change of board in the last 5 years? The game has gone backwards. I mean for christ sake the national team have allowed someone to retire twice in the last 8 months for his ‘ last game ‘ but yet he hasn’t even done his last game as he contuines to play. It’s a massive shambles. 

Clubs of Scotland need to make a stand for it whatever level they are at, They need to make their voices heard. The current state of affairs is not good at all, Some of the teams I’ve seen in the lower leagues are struggling and were delighted when rangers went down the leagues as it meant that the clubs could actually finally make some serious money that can change their clubs. Why does it have to take a club wrongfully kicked down the leagues to give clubs that extra boost of finances? This is all wrong and it should never be the case. 
You may say you shouldn’t care cause your English but I support a Scottish club and I want the best for the game because it impacts my team and many other teams. The game isn’t designed to beautiful because of the obvious reasons Scotland has no money to make it beautiful, the reason being is the board of SFA and SPFL are not very good at their jobs and they only represent themselves or the clubs they’re part of. The board needs removed and out sliders with no affliliation with any clubs in Scotland. This needs to be dealt with to save any further embarrassment to the Scottish game. As it’s in a crisis and it’s looking bleak for the near future. Clubs up in Scotland are missing out on a wave of talent to the English teams, I’m not saying we could compete with the English but I just want to see the Scottish game have a boost of finances and sensibility at the top of the game and a massive change. 

That’s just my thoughts and I just needed to get that off my chest as it has been bugging me for a while as we need to see improvement. 

Review of the Squad this season Part One 

I think it’s an ok time to review the players and what I feel their season has been like, I have personally seen enough to comment on all of them to come to these conclusions. I will have a format of keep or get rid as well, Would love to get you all involved as well. I will do three parts this part will be goalkeepers and defenders, the next instalment will be midfielders and wingers and part three will be strikers. 


Wes Foderingham- He has been the best player overall this season, so very consistent in goal and has improved every game that I see him in, He’s been responsible for a lot of games that have had their scores kept low and he has just been a positive for this season seeing as there has not been many of those. He is now well know for his excellent quick reactive saves and it’s a pleasure to watch him. He can easily become one of the best goalkeepers at Rangers if he stays with us, Hopefully we tie him to a new longer term contract. Keep 

Jak Alnwick- fortunately for us we have had a excellent performing goalkeeper with in Wes, However unfortunately for Jak hasn’t been able to break in to the first team yet, I would love to see him as he is an excellent goalkeeper with a big future as has been proven when at Port Vale he made a lot of crucial saves and kept them above the relegation spots, I hope to see him by the end of the season. Keep


James Tavernier- James in my opinion has improved this season but still has problems with his defensive work even though he has worked on it it seems which has progressed well and he is fantastic going forward but quite a liability when going forward and not bothering to run back when making a mistake. He’s had some excellent performances but needs to be more consistent. If he can do that then I’ll happily keep him but just doesn’t for me we are Rangers and need consistent performers for a 38 league game season.

Lee Hodson- Looked very good in early season but has drifted in form and looks out of place in a Rangers jersey nowadays and has been lacking that quality we saw early in the season, He can become an excellent player but like Tavernier needs consistent performances. I’d get rid and try to make some sort of money back as he does have potential. 

Lee Wallace- He’s a modern day legend for us but he really has dipped in form this season and hasn’t properly adjusted to this level yet, has had some good performances through out the season but like Tavernier going forward he gets caught out easily and defence is under threat and he isn’t as quick as he used to be. I’d keep him as a back up time to move the captaincy to another member of the squad. 

Myles Beerman- Now he’s only recently started playing, But he has impressed me so much in the two games played and I can see why he is so highly thought of by multiple people on twitter who have gone to youth games, He is quick on and off the ball and very confident going forward and loves to get stuck in and has fully showed that he should maintain his current position for another game. He is ready for the first team for sure and credit to Pedro Caixinha for giving him the starts. I’d happily keep him and extend his contract. 

David Bates- Just like Myles he has been a breathe of fresh air in the defence and looks confident once he gets fully in to the game as it does take him time but it’s understandable and very good passer of the ball and excellent in the air, needs to be kept and developed more. 

Danny Wilson- He hasn’t had the best of seasons performances and injuries wise, But has excelled massively under Pedro Caixinha and looks much more confident and one of the better performers now in the team and needs to keep his place in the team. A fine example is how he has been solid and helped Bates in the last game against Aberdeen. I’d keep him if this is the sort of performances he is doing. 

Robbie Kiernan- With positives come negatives and it just hasn’t worked out for Kiernan who looks more like he’d be suited in the Ryman League of England as he just isn’t good at all, time to cut our losses with him and get rid as he is tragic to watch. 

Philippe Senderos- Same with Kiernan, One of the worst players I’ve seen in a rangers jersey. Get rid and cut the losses. 

Clint Hill- In my honest opinion, he’s been the best outfield player this season a warrior at the back and has been very consistent at the back with some fantastic goals this season and was an underrated signing in the summer when he was criticised in the media about being told old, he still seems baffled as well when interviewed that he plays for us. In my view his contract is up, An although he’s been excellent but we need a younger group of players so maybe it’s time for him to move in to a possible coaching role. 

Review of Aberdeen vs Rangers 9th April 2017

After having some time to digest what the actual hell happened in yesterday’s game I have come to conclusion of it being one of the most entertaining games I’ve witnessed this season, it had everything. Both teams got stuck in to each other and was an excellent advert for Scottish football in my opinion.

Aberdeen dominated some of the first half mainly 20 minutes of it, Rangers dominated the rest of the first half, In the second half Aberdeen were very dominate looking like they would score first to break the dead lock, As it took Rangers 30 minutes in the second half to take the first shot of the half by Rangers but was skied over, few minutes later Kenny Miller popped up as he usually does at crucial times of any game an scores a fantastic strike, Then what happened after that can only be described as remarkable watching, I haven’t seen something like it since the famous Kilmarnock 7 minute league win (If you’re not Rangers fan you need to watch it on YouTube one of the best videos going!) it was incredible the second goal was wonderful to watch Joe Dodoo putting a ball on a plate for Kenny Miller through the middle of the centre backs who made them look like a side dish. Moments later Joe Dodoo got the ball from his own half, gliding across the surface that was so beautiful to watch and getting in to the box and making the defender look like he should retire and say goodnight his career and tucks it away comfortably bottom left. 
It really was a fantastic game, We learnt as Rangers fans this team has bottle an that Kenny Miller is still very reliable. Watching the videos of the scenes from the dugout and the fans really got me thinking we really are in for one heck of a rollercoaster and adventure under Pedro Caixinha, He got his tactics and subs right once again this game. He really deserves the compliments, he has turned our club right round in to a solid unit. Youngsters David Bates and Myles Beerman looked so very confident and comfortable, I know he’s the club captain but Lee Wallace position at left back is looking delicate with Myles performing very well, An excellent prospect. Man of the match for me goes to Wes Foderingham, I know Kenny Miller saved the day with his goals but Wes Foderingham once again saved us some crucial potential goals. He is magnifencent in goal, so much so I’d say the best in the league. Also a special mention too Joe Dodoo who made one of the best impacts of the bench, in my view and I keep saying this about him he is going to be some player for us if played a lot, I see so much potential in him. 

Thanks for reading and sharing my view to a wider audience, special mentions go to wee_mic on twitter who helps a massive amount retweeting so get following him, Big Jock Official helps a massive amount so go follow him as well as Harris_Irvine also on twitter. 

Preview of Aberdeen vs Rangers 9th April

So after a dull game Wednesday night against Kilmarnock, Rangers are back in action Sunday away to Aberdeen who are unbeaten at home in 12 games. They’re also currently unbeaten in five games which are four league game and a cup game, they have performed above expectations currently second place with 64 points and 12 points ahead of Rangers in third. This is an important game for both sides really for Aberdeen if they win it pretty much clinches second place where as if Rangers win it will close the gap from 12 to 9 which is still a lot as we only play Aberdeen one more time which will be in the split and it would still need a calamity of performances from Aberdeen in the other 5 games to get 6 points dropped. But hey it’s Scottish football and anything can happen an it’s all about believeing. 

Last five games for Aberdeen 

Aberdeen 1-0 Inverness

Dundee 0-7 Aberdeen 

Aberdeen 2-0 Hearts

Aberdeen 1-0 Motherwell

Aberdeen 1-0 Partick 

Last Aberdeen lost was away to Hamilton 1-0 on February 28th 2017, their last home loss in the league came against Celtic finishing 1-0 on 29th October 2016. 

2nd overall in the league scoring 61 goals and conceding 24 goals and 64 points, they’re second in the home records for the league with 33 goals scored an only 8 conceded getting 39 points, they’re once again second away from home with 25 goals and 16 conceded with 25 points. Their top scorer is Adam Rooney with 11 in the league, The most assists are from Jonny Hayes with 13 in the league. 

My view for the game is that this will be a tricky game for Rangers coming away from home where we haven’t won away in the league since the end of January, with Aberdeen also unbeaten at home in 12 games they will be full of confidence to try knock Rangers to bits. But this will be a close game where I think Rangers will be the next team to beat Aberdeen at home with a narrow 2-1 victory to us. 

My tips for the game are 

Rangers to win 2-1 

Rangers to win and both teams to score

Over 2.5 goals in the game. 
Thanks again for reading and supporting as always, Specially thanks to those who always retweet my blogs to share to a wider audience always appreciated you know who you are. So just want to take another mention to say it’s all about the Rangers! 🔵💙

#AintreeTips 8th April 2017

1.45- No comment- Each Way- Placed second 

2.25- Finian’s Oscar✅

3.00- Charbal- finished 3rd

3.40- Henri Parry Morgan and Starchitect 

4.20- Ballyoptic

5.15- The big one so I’ve picked 10 horses as follows Blaklion, Cause of Causes, The Last Samuri, Raz De Maree, Just A Par, Houblon Des Obeaux, Shantou Flyer, Just For Arthur and Saint Are 

Good luck and bet responsibly! 

#AintreeTips 6th April 2017

1.45- Frodon ❌

2.20- Defi Du Seuil ✅

2.50- Bristol De Mai❌

3.25- Buveur D’air ✅

4.05- On The Fringe ❌

4.40- Dandridge- Each way❌

5.15- Maria’s Benefit- Each way bet ❌

Treble each way- Bristol De Mai, On the fringe and Dandridge ❌

Lucky15- frodon, Defi du Seuil, Maria’s Benefit and Buveur D’air❌

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Review of Kilmarnock vs Rangers 5th April 2017

The first half wasn’t up too much however both teams cancelled each other out on a hard surface to play on. It really wasn’t a great game of football in the first half from both sides however Rangers did play some good football at times with some good passes. Debutants Myles Beerman and David Bates impressed me from the start with Beerman very pacey with excellent driven runs going forward and some neat cross balls and passes. With David Bates he was very comfortable from the start on the ball and man marking, keeping Kris Boyd quiet first half which is very important. 

Second half saw Kenny Miller come on for Emerson Hyndman at half time, Kenny Miller dropping just behind the front three. Rangers contunied the second half like the first half with good passing but more chances in the second half total corner count up till the 66th Minute was twelve. It was another 45 minutes that was very dull and not many chances finished in fact none so by the end of the game, a big disappointment. Two clear penalty calls wiped out by tonight’s referee who had a terrible performance, with some of worst decisions going specially the Conor sammon handball in the penalty area. 

In summary for me as it has been a short blog for obvious reasons as there’s not much to report other than the two solid performances at the back from Beerman and Bates, in my opinion for me Bates gets my man of the match. 

Pedro Caixinha has the biggest rebuilding job this summer in the history of Rangers football club as there are a lot of underperformers, players who don’t look interested at all with performances that would be matched with the banter era. Pedro Caixinha deserves credit however for strengthening the defence it seems over the break, we really do look hard to break down at the minute. In my opinion we are around about 6 quality players from a excellent squad, Currently there would be a list of possibly 7 players I’d happily let go those being Keirnan, Hodson, Halliday, Waghorn, O’Halloran, Senderos and Windass. Plus you’d have to take away Toral and Hyndman who are only loanees so the total is actually 9. Which is a big amount to replace however they’re all replaceable as they’re either not good enough or past it or over hyped in the start of their careers. 
We move on ago Aberdeen at the weekend away, this is a crucial must win game to even try and close the fading away gap that is second place. My preview for that will be Friday evening. Thank you reading, sharing and giving me feedback. 

Preview of Kilmarnock vs Rangers 5th April 2017

It’s now officially the business end of the season and there’s points needing picked up from both ends of the table. Kilmarnock are 7th place although looking safe from relegation they can still be brought in to it if things don’t go there way but 8 points clear of bottom place Inverness. Rangers haven’t won away in the league since the 2-0 win against Motherwell at the end of January.

They currently are unbeaten in their last three games with a 1-1 draw in their last two games away to Inverness and at home to Partick with a win away to Ross County. Their last loss came at home against Motherwell at the start of March. However they may be unbeaten in the last three games but they have only produced four wins in their last 20 games with two of those at home which their last home win was back in January against Ross County finishing 3-2. Their current form in the last five games has led them to score seven goals and concede five. They sit 10th place with their home form as they’re better on the road it seems with them in 5th place.

Kris Boyd is joint top scorer with Coulibaly who left for Egypt in January they have 8 goals in the league, Gary Dicker tops Kilmarnock’s assist charts with four for the season in the league. Kris Boyd has now officially got the same amount of goals as he did at Rangers 101 for Kilmarnock in the league is an outstanding achievement, A goal at the weekend pushed him to that number against Inverness.

Kilmarnock’s last five games

Inverness 1-1 Kilmarnock
Kilmarnock 1-1 Partick Thistle
Ross County 1-2 Kilmarnock
Kilmarnock 1-2 Motherwell
St Johnstone 0-2 Kilmarnock

Head to Head last five games between the two teams has seen an unbeaten run by Rangers

Rangers 3-0 Kilmarnock
Kilmarnock 1-1 Rangers
Kilmarnock 1-2 Rangers
Rangers 0-0 Kilmarnock
Rangers 3-0 Kilmarnock

Last time Kilmarnock won against Rangers was back in February 2012 1-0 was the score with former Rangers midfielder Dean Shiels getting the goal at Ibrox. However last win for Kilmarnock against Rangers at Rugby Park was the same season but in November 2011 with Pascali getting the goal.

My betting tips for the game are

Rangers to win 3-1
Martyn Waghorn to score first

Rangers are 4/7 to win the game which is a tenner on and £15.71 returns with Sky Bet.

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My Line Up Prediction is


Beerman (Wallace is out injured)



Thanks for reading and I would love to get feedback from you all on your thoughts and predictions of the game.