The Scottish Game

This blog is mainly based on my opinion of the game that currently is in disarray in Scotland and what needs to be done in my view. 

The Scottish game as it is watched today is a mess, even more than a mess. There is so many problems with the game that this blog could actually be a very long read, But it needs to be said by an ‘ outsider ‘ I’m a Englishman who is concerned by the lack of income, the lack of talent and the lack of knowledge in the game to develop the game to the next level. 

Scotland national team firstly is underperforming and there is a good reason for that which based around the elements of not much talent with in Scotland and knowledge in the current set up, Strachan has taken Scotland as far as he has taken them, he’s now a dinosaur, Scotland needs new energy and new ideas not just in the management and coaching department but also at the top of the game the likes of Lawwell, Regan, Doncaster and the rest of board are a disgrace. Questions need to be asked to them and they need to be answered. In my view these people are responsible for the mess the Scottish game is in, there’s not much money coming in to the junior football let alone the top flight, why is no one bothered to be upfront about to them. 

This is a massive concern that needs sorting as soon as possible, Scotland are struggling national wise, teams are not performing well or even get to the next stage of Europe. Why is there not been any change of board in the last 5 years? The game has gone backwards. I mean for christ sake the national team have allowed someone to retire twice in the last 8 months for his ‘ last game ‘ but yet he hasn’t even done his last game as he contuines to play. It’s a massive shambles. 

Clubs of Scotland need to make a stand for it whatever level they are at, They need to make their voices heard. The current state of affairs is not good at all, Some of the teams I’ve seen in the lower leagues are struggling and were delighted when rangers went down the leagues as it meant that the clubs could actually finally make some serious money that can change their clubs. Why does it have to take a club wrongfully kicked down the leagues to give clubs that extra boost of finances? This is all wrong and it should never be the case. 
You may say you shouldn’t care cause your English but I support a Scottish club and I want the best for the game because it impacts my team and many other teams. The game isn’t designed to beautiful because of the obvious reasons Scotland has no money to make it beautiful, the reason being is the board of SFA and SPFL are not very good at their jobs and they only represent themselves or the clubs they’re part of. The board needs removed and out sliders with no affliliation with any clubs in Scotland. This needs to be dealt with to save any further embarrassment to the Scottish game. As it’s in a crisis and it’s looking bleak for the near future. Clubs up in Scotland are missing out on a wave of talent to the English teams, I’m not saying we could compete with the English but I just want to see the Scottish game have a boost of finances and sensibility at the top of the game and a massive change. 

That’s just my thoughts and I just needed to get that off my chest as it has been bugging me for a while as we need to see improvement. 


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