Review of the Squad this season Part One 

I think it’s an ok time to review the players and what I feel their season has been like, I have personally seen enough to comment on all of them to come to these conclusions. I will have a format of keep or get rid as well, Would love to get you all involved as well. I will do three parts this part will be goalkeepers and defenders, the next instalment will be midfielders and wingers and part three will be strikers. 


Wes Foderingham- He has been the best player overall this season, so very consistent in goal and has improved every game that I see him in, He’s been responsible for a lot of games that have had their scores kept low and he has just been a positive for this season seeing as there has not been many of those. He is now well know for his excellent quick reactive saves and it’s a pleasure to watch him. He can easily become one of the best goalkeepers at Rangers if he stays with us, Hopefully we tie him to a new longer term contract. Keep 

Jak Alnwick- fortunately for us we have had a excellent performing goalkeeper with in Wes, However unfortunately for Jak hasn’t been able to break in to the first team yet, I would love to see him as he is an excellent goalkeeper with a big future as has been proven when at Port Vale he made a lot of crucial saves and kept them above the relegation spots, I hope to see him by the end of the season. Keep


James Tavernier- James in my opinion has improved this season but still has problems with his defensive work even though he has worked on it it seems which has progressed well and he is fantastic going forward but quite a liability when going forward and not bothering to run back when making a mistake. He’s had some excellent performances but needs to be more consistent. If he can do that then I’ll happily keep him but just doesn’t for me we are Rangers and need consistent performers for a 38 league game season.

Lee Hodson- Looked very good in early season but has drifted in form and looks out of place in a Rangers jersey nowadays and has been lacking that quality we saw early in the season, He can become an excellent player but like Tavernier needs consistent performances. I’d get rid and try to make some sort of money back as he does have potential. 

Lee Wallace- He’s a modern day legend for us but he really has dipped in form this season and hasn’t properly adjusted to this level yet, has had some good performances through out the season but like Tavernier going forward he gets caught out easily and defence is under threat and he isn’t as quick as he used to be. I’d keep him as a back up time to move the captaincy to another member of the squad. 

Myles Beerman- Now he’s only recently started playing, But he has impressed me so much in the two games played and I can see why he is so highly thought of by multiple people on twitter who have gone to youth games, He is quick on and off the ball and very confident going forward and loves to get stuck in and has fully showed that he should maintain his current position for another game. He is ready for the first team for sure and credit to Pedro Caixinha for giving him the starts. I’d happily keep him and extend his contract. 

David Bates- Just like Myles he has been a breathe of fresh air in the defence and looks confident once he gets fully in to the game as it does take him time but it’s understandable and very good passer of the ball and excellent in the air, needs to be kept and developed more. 

Danny Wilson- He hasn’t had the best of seasons performances and injuries wise, But has excelled massively under Pedro Caixinha and looks much more confident and one of the better performers now in the team and needs to keep his place in the team. A fine example is how he has been solid and helped Bates in the last game against Aberdeen. I’d keep him if this is the sort of performances he is doing. 

Robbie Kiernan- With positives come negatives and it just hasn’t worked out for Kiernan who looks more like he’d be suited in the Ryman League of England as he just isn’t good at all, time to cut our losses with him and get rid as he is tragic to watch. 

Philippe Senderos- Same with Kiernan, One of the worst players I’ve seen in a rangers jersey. Get rid and cut the losses. 

Clint Hill- In my honest opinion, he’s been the best outfield player this season a warrior at the back and has been very consistent at the back with some fantastic goals this season and was an underrated signing in the summer when he was criticised in the media about being told old, he still seems baffled as well when interviewed that he plays for us. In my view his contract is up, An although he’s been excellent but we need a younger group of players so maybe it’s time for him to move in to a possible coaching role. 


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