Review of Aberdeen vs Rangers 9th April 2017

After having some time to digest what the actual hell happened in yesterday’s game I have come to conclusion of it being one of the most entertaining games I’ve witnessed this season, it had everything. Both teams got stuck in to each other and was an excellent advert for Scottish football in my opinion.

Aberdeen dominated some of the first half mainly 20 minutes of it, Rangers dominated the rest of the first half, In the second half Aberdeen were very dominate looking like they would score first to break the dead lock, As it took Rangers 30 minutes in the second half to take the first shot of the half by Rangers but was skied over, few minutes later Kenny Miller popped up as he usually does at crucial times of any game an scores a fantastic strike, Then what happened after that can only be described as remarkable watching, I haven’t seen something like it since the famous Kilmarnock 7 minute league win (If you’re not Rangers fan you need to watch it on YouTube one of the best videos going!) it was incredible the second goal was wonderful to watch Joe Dodoo putting a ball on a plate for Kenny Miller through the middle of the centre backs who made them look like a side dish. Moments later Joe Dodoo got the ball from his own half, gliding across the surface that was so beautiful to watch and getting in to the box and making the defender look like he should retire and say goodnight his career and tucks it away comfortably bottom left. 
It really was a fantastic game, We learnt as Rangers fans this team has bottle an that Kenny Miller is still very reliable. Watching the videos of the scenes from the dugout and the fans really got me thinking we really are in for one heck of a rollercoaster and adventure under Pedro Caixinha, He got his tactics and subs right once again this game. He really deserves the compliments, he has turned our club right round in to a solid unit. Youngsters David Bates and Myles Beerman looked so very confident and comfortable, I know he’s the club captain but Lee Wallace position at left back is looking delicate with Myles performing very well, An excellent prospect. Man of the match for me goes to Wes Foderingham, I know Kenny Miller saved the day with his goals but Wes Foderingham once again saved us some crucial potential goals. He is magnifencent in goal, so much so I’d say the best in the league. Also a special mention too Joe Dodoo who made one of the best impacts of the bench, in my view and I keep saying this about him he is going to be some player for us if played a lot, I see so much potential in him. 

Thanks for reading and sharing my view to a wider audience, special mentions go to wee_mic on twitter who helps a massive amount retweeting so get following him, Big Jock Official helps a massive amount so go follow him as well as Harris_Irvine also on twitter. 


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